Loyal passenger special offer

All our new passengers get a Loyal passenger card at the first time they choose to travel with Mars Driver Service. The card will be signed by our chauffeurs every occasion being driven home by us. When you travel with us for the 10th time, you will be entitled for a permanent 10% discount VIP card! The card is not only for the exclusive use of a certain person, it can be granted to the use of any family member or friend of yours as well.

Why is it good to have a loyal passenger card?
Because you can reach the 10% discount VIP card by using that.

What if I lose my Loyal passenger card?
All our loyal passengers are registered at us, so we can grant you with a new card any time with your identification.

In case of lost Loyal passenger card, do I lose my travelled times?
No travelled time is lost, in the new Loyal card our chauffeur will re-register your collected travel times that can entitle you for a VIP card at the 10th time.

What if I lose my VIP card?
All our VIP card holders are registered at us, so we can grant you with a new VIP card any time after your identification.

Travel with us!